7 Small Business Trends to Leverage in 2020

The business world is evolving and new small business trends are emerging. Which ones should small businesses adopt for 2020? These seven trends are great contenders.

Embrace Social Media Storytelling

Social media is everywhere these days. With the rise of Facebook Live and Instagram stories, everyone wants video content. Tell your brand’s story with a creative mix of social media.

Think Green and Social

Today’s customer wants to buy from a company that shares their values. Think about a green initiative like reducing waste or adopting biodegradable packaging. Social causes are also popular.

Learn to Leverage eCommerce

eCommerce is finally hitting its stride. Traditional retailers are getting in on the act. Create a great website for your small business and watch your profits soar.

More Technology to Do More

Technology is driving eCommerce, but it’s also driving other parts of your business. Think about how automation could help you keep the books, conduct payroll, and so much more.

Make Your Employees Happy

Businesses today are investing more in their employees. Employee happiness improves productivity and the bottom line. Think about training and development initiatives or a wellness program that will keep them moving.

New Marketing Trends Will Dominate

Digital marketing has finally surpassed traditional marketing. New digital marketing media continue to emerge as well. Think about the rise of voice search or the popularity of audio streaming services as you plan your next campaign.

Personalize Customer Service

Finally, small business owners must realize the importance of customer service. Deliver personalized service to every customer, and you’ll win their loyalty.

Get the Funds You Need

Any of these initiatives could be a big financial undertaking for a small business trends. Get the right financial backing with a merchant cash advance. With the right funds, the possibilities are endless.