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Why us?

We help Canadian businesses
just like yours get the funding they need.

Quick funding

Funds are typically available to you on the same day you request them.

Flexible payback

Your payback schedule is based on your business cashflow.

Proudly Canadian

13 years of specialty experience serving the Canadian market.


Does My Business Qualify?

In order to qualify for our standard funding package,
your business must meet the following
minimum requirements:

Must be in operation for a minimum of 90 days
Must be generating $15,000 gross monthly revenue
Must be located in Canada
Must have no open bankruptcies


Discover what sets us apart

Not convinced yet? Here are reasons why others choose us as a top merchant cash advance company in Canada:

97% Approval rate

We’re proud to have the highest approval rating in Canada, with 97% of our clients successfully receiving funding.

Advances up to $250k

We provide merchant cash advances from as low as $1,000 and all the way up to $250,000 depending on what your business qualifies for.

No hidden fees

Absolutely no interest charges, no fixed payments, or hidden admin fees for the entire duration of your advance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our merchant cash advance?
We have answers! Here are some common that may be helpful.

What is the main source of financing for small businesses in Canada?

There are various forms of lending available for business owners in Canada: bank loans, credit unions and even federal grants for particular business activities. For entrepreneurs who require quick working capital to grow their business the option of merchant cash advance (MCA) is always available

What is BDC?

In the U.S this term means “Business Development Company” and describes business loans lending agencies. In Canada, BDC in most cases means “Business Development Bank of Canada”; this organization is devoted to Canadian Entrepreneurs. The BDC helps businesses through financing and advisory services as they focus on small to mid-sized businesses.

What are options for funding a business with bad credit history?

For businesses with a bad credit history, getting a business loan or a line of credit from the bank, credit union, and such institutions are extremely challenging. Should it even be possible, the approval length could be much longer than usual, as the business would be required to provide additional credibility proofs.

It’s much different with merchant cash advance as we look at the business’ current performance, and analyze its present cash-flow abilities for the funding approval.

MCA funding vs federal grants for small businesses?

Grants are a great source of cash-flow and in many cases obligation-free, but these require overwhelming preparations – prequalifying, eligibility check, time for submission design, and time for getting approved (which is not always guaranteed).

Merchant cash advance on the other hand is easy to qualify for and can be approved within 24 hours.

What are the ways to generate instant cash-flow for fast growing businesses?

In order to generate fast or instant cash, MCA is the best option; 2M7 can deposit funds into a business account within 24 hours, while banks and credit unions can take up to one week or more to underwrite and approve a loan.

In what provinces your service is available?

2M7 offers its services Canada-wide including major business hubs such as Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. In 2022 Manitoba and Newfoundland have entered a new progressive agriculture phase, and 2M7 is proud to help local businesses to grow with fast streamed financing.

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Keeping our clients satisfied is our priority. Here’s what our clients say about us.

I have been with 2M7 Financial Solutions for one year and I’m very satisfied with their services! Their customer service support is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend them!

Thank you for coming up with a plan to help me and my wife get extra funding. You did an excellent job, and we greatly appreciate it. Be in touch with you Tuesday. Thank you

I was able to get a great deal. The customer service is AMAZING! I really recommend this company to anyone. They are very transparent and very organized. Thanks to 2M7 Financial Solutions who helped me!

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