How to prepare your business for capital raised

You have worked hard to start up your business. After perfecting your presentation, you have been able to raise some capital. Congratulations! Now what do you do? Make sure you don’t waste this opportunity to launch your business right. Here are five ways to prepare your business for capital raised.

1) Know your “runway” 

Your business’s “runaway” is the amount of time your business has before it runs out of cash. First, you should look at your business’s monthly expenses and your capital raised and then, determine how much time you need in order to gain a steady stream of income.

Ideally, you will want your business to have a six-month “runaway.” With six months’ worth of operating capital, you can deal with various disruptions that will come with operating a new business.

2) Use a budget management tool 

One of the best ways to manage your business is to use a budget management tool, and with the right budget tool, you will be able to manage your expenses and identify opportunities to save money and run leaner.

There are a number of top budget management tools that are designed around start-ups. Some of the top budget management tools include the following:

Quicken – Quicken is great for smaller starter-ups with its easy-to-use software and interface.

Centage – If you have more complex operations, then Centage is an ideal budget management software system.

Lola – Lola is a great budget management tool if you are dealing with a number of expense report.

3) Secure the best prices from vendors 

You want to make sure that your capital goes as far as it can possibly go. Therefore, you will want to control your costs. One of the best ways to control cost is to be able to get the best prices from your vendors.

Be sure to get multiple quotes from as many vendors as possible. Also, if you are planning to use a vendor for the long term, try to negotiate better prices to help you stretch your capital.

4) Have a business plan 

It’s a good idea to have a business plan. In fact, a business plan is like a road map that shows everyone in your company, as well as your investors, what is your plan to grow income and become profitable.

If you have no experience writing up a business plan, don’t worry. There are a number of business plan templates that you can use to help you get started. Here are a couple of places where you can find business plan templates:

5) Have an emergency or contingency plan 

You want to make sure that your business has a plan for the unexpected. In fact, situations such as natural disasters or disruptions in manufacturing or inventory can spell disaster for your business.

The best way to plan for an emergency is to set aside a portion of your capital raised and set it aside for emergency situations. That emergency money can save you in situations where you need money fast and you may not be able to raise further capital.

Getting your capital for your business going 

Now that you have the capital that you need for your business, it is time to get going. Be sure to have a plan, set a budget, and watch your spending. Also, spend your business capital the right way and you will be well on your way to start-up success. If you require a merchant cash advance for your business, 2M7 Financial Solutions are here to help you out. Request a quote, we will be happy to assist you.