6 Characteristics of Innovative and Successful Leaders

There are all types of leaders. Some leaders are more hands-on – they teach and pass on lessons in a direct manner. Others like to lead by example, showing others with their actions rather than words. Although top merchant leaders Canada may take different approaches to leadership, there are underlying characteristics that help them to bring the most out of their staff and have continued success. The most successful leaders share the following initiatives below:

Inspire Others

A successful leaders are able to inspire those they work with, getting them to believe in their vision and have confidence in the plan and strategy for the future.

Honest and Transparent

People need to have trust in their leaders. Transparency, honesty and the ability to follow through are excellent qualities for the leader of a department or team.

Don’t Back Down from a Challenge

When you are in charge of a group of people or overseeing a project, a leader should be able to face challenges and solve problems efficiently.

Motivate Their Team

Respected leaders create a vision and are able to motivate others into wanting to achieve the same goals. Teams that are aligned and working together with a true purpose tend to have long-lasting success.

Drive Results

No matter how they choose to get their message across, a leader has to drive results. Great leaders have a high level of perseverance and aren’t satisfied until they have got the job done.

Effectively Communicate

Whether it’s one-on-one meetings, emails, phone calls, or video chats, leaders make the time to communicate with their team. Having a two-way line of communication is vital to keeping everyone on the same page and motivated.

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