5 Effective Ways to Solve Seasonal Cash Flow Business Challenges

The great majority of small businesses go under because of cash flow issues. You know the importance of cash flow for that reason. That doesn’t mean you don’t face seasonal cash crunches.

Seasonal cash flow struggles are quite common, even among established businesses. You can take the strain off by employing these five effective methods of solving cash flow challenges.

Know Your Problem Seasons

The first step in combating cash flow challenges is know your problem seasons. For seasonal businesses, this may be obvious. If you run a golf course, you might find cash flow tightens up during the winter. If, by contrast, you have a ski club, then winter could be boom season for you.

Knowing when you’re most likely to run into trouble can help you plan for those dry spells more effectively.

Shift the Timing of Financial Commitments

Once you know when your cash crunches are most likely to happen, you can work on scheduling around them. Try to shift any major financial commitments to other times of the year.

This might include adjusting when you order stock or how you organize your tax year. A golf course may not want to make a major tax payment at the end of April, because funds are already tight.

You may not be able to move every financial commitment, and that’s fine. By shifting some earlier or later in the year, though, you can make all your obligations easier to manage.

Offer Incentives for Customers to Pay Early

Another tip for meeting seasonal cash flow challenges is to entice customers to pay early. If you invoice your customers, you could offer them a discount if they pay before the indicated due date.

You may encourage prepayment or even down payments. For example, if you run a mattress shop, then you could ask people to put a down payment on their purchase.

You can make this a seasonal offer and encourage customers to “buy ahead.” With more money flowing in, you’ll have an easier time managing your cash flow.

Get a Merchant Cash Advance

Sometimes, the answer to cash flow challenges is credit. That’s particularly true of seasonal cash crunches since they’re usually temporary in nature.

A merchant cash advance is one of the better choices you have to manage seasonal cash flow. With one, you get the cash you need against expected future sales. As sales take place, you’ll pay back the advance.

Diversify Your Business

One of the best ways to solve seasonal cash flow issues is to diversify the business. If you run a golf course, you might also operate a banquet hall. Acting as a wedding venue can keep cash flowing, even during the winter season.

If you face seasonal challenges, think about the ways in which you can diversify and offer more to your clients all year long.

Get a Helping Hand with an MCA

If you’re feeling pinched, it might be time to get a merchant cash advance. Get in touch with the experts and discover what the right financing option can do for your business.