Merchant Cash Advance vs. Cheques Factoring

Managing a small business is challenging. One of the common challenges for business owners is financing. Your company might not have a lengthy credit history or collateral to apply for a bank loan. Whether you want to grow your business or cover unforeseen expenses, you have come across other financing options. Merchant cash advance and cheques factoring are some of the available options for small businesses


What Is Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is an alternative financing option for small businesses. You can take the funds upfront and pay them off with a percentage of future sales. 

The MCA is an ideal solution for businesses that need fast funding and might not be eligible to take a bank loan. The availability of funds is another excellent advantage. If your business needs the funds fast to proceed with the operations, the cash advance will be approved within a day or two. 


Fast access to funds

When timing is crucial and you can’t go through the lengthy bank approval process, the MCA is your solution. Small businesses can get funds within a day or two from submission. Unlike the traditional bank process, the financial institutions that issue MCAs don’t do rigorous checks. They will check the business’s past sales to determine whether they qualify for a cash advance. 

Ideal for businesses that work with cash and credit cards

Retail and restaurant businesses rely on a high volume of credit card sales, making them ideal for obtaining MCA. If your business depends on cash or credit cards, a cash advance is the ideal financing method. This opportunity is perfect for the ones that don’t rely on invoices. Instead, they take a percentage of the credit card sales to repay the loan. 


High-interest rates

Merchant cash advance comes with higher interest rates than traditional bank loans. The convenience of having the funds fast will cost more. However, the price is worth paying when you need urgent funds to proceed with the business operations. 


What Is Cheques Factoring?

A post-dated cheque is a cheque that can be cashed on the indicated date on the document’s face. It is a form of advance payment and can be cashed on a specific date. According to Canadian laws, a cheque can’t be cleared before this date. If you still need cash to keep your business’s liquidity, you can sell the cheque to a factoring company. 


Fast approval

Depending on the date indicated on the check face, you might have to wait long to receive the payment. If you need to meet your business needs urgently, factoring your cheques will provide you with funds quickly. They will pay off a particular value of the face value while keeping a specific percentage as a fee. 

No credit score checks

When applying for a traditional bank loan, they will do a rigorous check on your financial history. When your small business is relatively new and doesn’t have a credit history, you might be restricted from obtaining such loans. Your ability for cheque factoring isn’t assessed with credit history, and you aren’t required to disclose collateral. This is very important, as you don’t need to put your property or equipment at risk. The factoring company will check the check for authenticity.

Not deal with cheques

Having to deal with cheques is a tedious job. Passing this responsibility to a third party means less time spent sorting out cheques so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.


Higher cost

The factoring company will charge fees to provide you with the cash in advance. They will usually pay 80% of the amount indicated on the face. However, the high cost might pay off if you need money urgently.  


Cheques factoring companies might have specific requirements for cashing out your document. For example, the check drawer should be a reputable entity. Also, the factoring company might have particular requirements on the cheque’s active time. 


Merchant Cash Advance vs. Cheques Factoring

For cheques factoring, you will pay a fee to the factoring company expressed as a percentage of the total amount. On the other hand, you will pay off your MCA as a percentage of your future sales. 

When choosing the suitable financing method for your company, select the one that is a better fit for your needs. We at 2M7 are dedicated to providing the needed funds to enhance your business’s liquidity without restrictions on how to use them. Get in touch with us, and we will answer your specific needs!