Merchant cash advance capital for local business

How Does The Daily Merchant Cash Advance Program Work?

Once your business has been approved for funding, the funds are issued to your account. The next day, 2M7 will withdraw from your account the agreed-upon payment. This withdrawal remains the same as long as your revenue remains the same or higher as it was at the time of application – in the event your revenue drops, the payments are reduced as well.

``Stay On Top Of Your Advance``

2M7’s daily program for MCA is great for businesses that want to know all the details – every step of the way. With our daily program, you will know:

  • How much funding you will receive.

  • How much the total cost is.

  • How much you are paying today.

  • How long the payments will last.

  • When you are eligible for more funding.

Benefits of a local business in Canada for loans

Traditional Split Program vs. Daily Program

These two programs serve different purposes and can benefit your business in different ways

  • Split
  • Daily

Fixed payment – Same daily payment

Need for credit/debit card sales

Easily budget monthly payments

We get paid when you get paid

Smaller batch out = smaller payments

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