Tips and Resources for Running Businesses in Ontario

The business landscape is always evolving. In the last few weeks, the situation for many businesses in Ontario has changed drastically. You may be wondering where you can turn to find support in these challenging times.

The good news is that there are plenty of supports for business owners operating in Ontario. If you’re looking for answers, try some of these tips and resources.

Federal and Provincial Support for Business Owners

Both the federal and provincial governments have announced funds designed to help business owners keep their doors open and their lights on during this time. If you’ve faced slashed hours or needed to lay employees off, then you may be eligible for business support funds.

These funds could help you pay your employees during this time. Other funds are available to help businesses n Ontario manage their day-to-day operating expenses.

Check Government Websites for Resources

You may also want to look at the provincial government’s website, which has lists of programs and services for business owners like you. You can find one-on-one small business consulting and guidance, as well as workshops and more.

You may also qualify for consultations with lawyers or accountants. Support is also available if you need grants, permits, or licences.

There are even resources to support mentorship and networking, available through Small Business Enterprise Centres.

Connect with Your Peers

Networking resources may be available through government-run resources. You may also find support through local small business organizations or trade federations. Even social media can help as you connect with your colleagues and peers.

Great Options for Creating Liquidity

In an uncertain market, business owners like you need financial options to help you create liquidity. Check in with your financial institution about measures they can provide to help you.

You may also explore other options, like a merchant cash advance. The right funding options will help you create stability and flexibility when your business needs it most.

Curious to learn more about your financing options? Get in touch with the experts and discover what a merchant cash advance could do for your business.