Securing Your Business: 5 Practices to Secure Your Business Online

Almost three quarters of business leaders say they aren’t prepared for a cyberattack. As breaches become more common, business owners and IT experts must protect their businesses. These five best practices make securing your business online easier.

1. Educate Your Employees

One of the best things that helps securing your business online is to train and educate your employees. With the right training, they’ll be able to use the right security techniques.

2. Stay Up to Date

Another important step you can take towards online security is updating your software. Software developers are always testing and patching potential problems. These patches and updates help keep your business more secure.

3. Firewalls Secure Your Business

A firewall protects your internal networks from outside threats. If you let employees bring their own devices, these security measures are even more important.

4. Limit Access to Your Network

Another important step is limiting who has access to the Internet through your networks.

Secure access by creating accounts and monitoring privileges. If you have a public network, be sure to change the password regularly. That way, cybercriminals can’t gain access through hijacked devices that have stored login information.

5. Invest in Website Security

The last step to creating online security for your business is to secure your website. Invest in an SSL certificate. Make sure you’re compliant with standards such as those for the payment cards industry.

If you’re not sure what security measures you can take, ask your host. Online security isn’t just your responsibility. The partners you work with should also take steps to protect your information and your business.

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