2M7 Celebrates Canadian Entrepreneurs at the 2022 Small Business Summit

As a celebration of Small Business Month, 2M7 Financial Solutions is proud to announce its team will be featuring its simple, flexible funding alternative at the 2022 Small Business...

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2M7 Announces 2022 “Forward Thinkers” Scholarship Recipient

2M7 Financial Solutions is proud to announce the recipient of the 2022 “Forward Thinkers” scholarship – the annual scholarship that recognizes distinguished and entrepreneurial students who encompass 2M7’s values...

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2M7 Announces 2022 “Forward Thinkers Scholarship” for Business and Finance Students in Canada

2M7 Financial Solutions is proud to announce its annual Forward Thinkers Scholarship to support Canadian post-secondary students in Business, Finance, or equivalent programs who are forward-thinking individuals dedicated to...

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Merchant Cash Advance vs. Cheques Factoring

Managing a small business is challenging. One of the common challenges for business owners is financing. Your company might not have a lengthy credit history or collateral to apply...

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2M7 Featured as a Leading Merchant Cash Advance Provider in the 2022 Canada FinTech Lending Study

2M7 Financial Solutions is honoured to be featured as a leading merchant cash advance provider in the 2022 Canada FinTech Lending Study, organized by Smarter Loans, which offers insights...

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How to Get Funding for Your Cannabis Business in Canada

Cannabis has been legalized in Canada since 2019, and since the legalization, the consumption of marijuana has skyrocketed to the extent that setting up a cannabis business in the...

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Canadian small business loans for business owner

5 Ways to Boost Your Business Cash Flow

A business in its prime has sufficient cash flow to carry out all the operations of the firm. When sales and profits are high, companies can take their guard...

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Working capital loan

5 Most Common Reasons Businesses Look for Funding

Funding is the only way to turn startups into successful businesses. Getting funding is easier said than done. However, it’s a fact that you need sufficient money to get...

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Use merchant cash advance to incentive your customers

How to Attract Customers to Your Store in 2021

The world has moved into a brand new era of retail. COVID-19 has forced many businesses to move their operations online or risk bankruptcy. Such a drastic change in...

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word of mouth marketing for small business loan

5 Ways To Market Your Small Business On A Budget

Marketing is one of the aspects of your business that takes a lot of your revenue. Business owners are sort of blackmailed into spending too much cash just because...

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