A small business loan can be a great tool to help build your business but can be detrimental if you are having a slower month. With a small merchant loan, regardless of your sales for the term, you are still required to make the payments.

Additionally, you can be stuck paying interest for years as it will continuously compound on the principal amount. This is besides the fact that over 50% of Canadian businesses simply cannot get approved by traditional lenders.

2M7 Financing: Merchant Cash Advance

  • Higher than 97% approval rate
  • Does not register on your credit file (both personal and commercial)
  • Takes 4-6 hours for approval
  • Merchant Cash Advance does not require any type of credit
  • You must be in business for 90 days
  • NO fees or interest charges (other than a one-time Cost of Capital)
  • Flexible payments (to work with your business and not hurt your cash flow)

Small Business Loans

  • Less than 50% approval rate
  • Registers to your credit score
  • Takes 4-6 weeks for approval
  • Requires good credit
  • Must be in business for at least 2 years
  • Fees + accruing interest
  • Fixed payments regardless of business performance

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