How to Get Funding for Your Cannabis Business in Canada

Cannabis has been legalized in Canada since 2019, and since the legalization, the consumption of marijuana has skyrocketed to the extent that setting up a cannabis business in the country is guaranteed to be a profitable investment. There’s never been a better time to move into the industry.

However, if you’re a cannabis enthusiast that wants to make a move into this industry, the first thing you’re probably concerned about is the working capital to start the business. Business loans in Canada are a big part of the entrepreneurial world, however, getting funding for a cannabis business is easier said than done. So, how can you get funds for your future company? If this is a question that you’re asking, you’re at just the right place. Here are a few funding options from sources that will happily lend you money.

Bank Loan

Banks are obviously the first option whenever we think about anything money/loan-related. But cannabis, banks, and business loans in Canada are three things that don’t blend well together. Most mainstream banks will refuse to work with cannabis companies.

However, if you can find the right bank, there’s potential to get your hands on a large stack of cash for your cannabis company at reasonable interest rates. There’s a lot of room for customizing payment plans as well, so you can pay back the money on your terms. You’ll have to find a relatively smaller bank that has lenient policies for where they invest their money. But even those banks are strict with their requirements for loans and will check to make sure you don’t have bad credit. The banks will not approve a loan if there’s any signs of problems in your credit and financial history.

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is another underrated option when it comes to getting funds for a cannabis business. It’s a simple process that provides your business with a revolving credit limit. It’s very similar to a credit card, but interest rates are significantly lower. You can withdraw a certain amount of money that you need and will have the option to pay it back in the form of monthly balances and partial payments. You’ll have the added benefit that the interest will only be charged for the outstanding balance of your card, making it a viable option for business loans in Canada.

This is a good option for some quick funding when you need to pay the utility bills, fund inventory refilling, pay salaries, and more. However, you’re not going to get a large amount of money with a business line of credit. You’re going to be limited to a certain amount of money, depending on your credit limit. If you’re looking for funds to start your company, a business line of credit is not a good idea. If you need a small amount of money for occasional expenses, this is a great option.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is, by far, the best way a cannabis business can secure funding. It’s a system where you pay today’s bills with tomorrow’s money. Your MCA provider will hand over a flat sum of cash directly into your account, and you’ll only have to return a certain percentage of your sales every month until the entire amount is covered. This is a flexible option for businesses that aren’t certain of what their sales volume will be each month. For example, if you have $0 in generated revenue for December, you won’t have to pay back anything to your MCA provider. That’s the major benefit of MCA and why it’s such a great idea for an industry like cannabis.

Where Can You Get a Merchant Cash Advance?

So, now that you know what an MCA is let’s talk about where you can get it. 2M7 Financial solutions is a Canadian merchant cash advance provider that has been helping small businesses like yours get over the funding limitations and compete with your top competitors. The best part about working with 2M7 is that we give funds to companies that banks and other lenders are saying no to. Here’s a breakdown of why 2M7 is the company that should fund your business:

  • Quick Process – We work fast! If you signed up for an MCA in the morning, you could have the money in your account by the end of the day.
  • Ignoring Bad Credit – Unlike banks, 2M7 doesn’t rely on credit scores as a factor to decide who gets funding and who doesn’t. If you have bad credit, you are still eligible for an MCA.
  • Multi-Use Funding – Businesses have tons of miscellaneous costs, and we get that. That’s why the money you get from 2M7 can be used for any business purpose you choose.


A merchant cash advance is the best way to secure capital for your company. So, if you are looking for a Canada-based provider to help you out, get in touch with the funding experts and discover how this alternative financing option can help your business.