2M7 Announces 2022 “Forward Thinkers Scholarship” for Business and Finance Students in Canada

2M7 Financial Solutions is proud to announce its annual Forward Thinkers Scholarship to support Canadian post-secondary students in Business, Finance, or equivalent programs who are forward-thinking individuals dedicated to making a difference in their fields. The selected recipient will have demonstrated excellence in their studies and will receive $2,500.00 CAD towards their continued success.

“Students are the future of our industry and we welcome the new perspectives and fresh ideas they bring to the table,” said Avi Bernstein, CEO of 2M7 Financial Solutions. “We’re proud to support passionate and talented individuals in the pursuit of their education, and we welcome all Business and Finance majors to apply for an opportunity to receive the Forward Thinkers Scholarship in 2022.”

As one of Canada’s leading merchant cash advance providers, 2M7 Financial Solutions helps Canadian small and medium businesses secure the funding they need to accelerate their growth. As a client-centric company, 2M7 values the entrepreneurs who are the backbone of the Canadian SME economy and believes in empowering business owners and enabling them to achieve their full potential. Similarly, 2M7 believes it’s important to give students the opportunity to excel in their fields and bring cutting-edge ideas that will help drive the industry forward.

The selected recipient will encompass 2M7’s values of innovation and demonstrate a genuine desire to make innovative strides within their respective field.

To learn more about the scholarship or to start the application, please visit the Forward Thinkers Scholarship page here.

Applications will be accepted beginning June 1st, 2022, and the deadline to apply is 11:59 PM on August 31, 2022. Winners will be announced in the Fall of 2022.

About the “forward thinkers scholarship” by 2M7

The ”Forward Thinkers Scholarship” by 2M7 is an annual scholarship program, established in 2022 by 2M7 Financial Solutions. It recognizes outstanding students who are pursuing or entering full-time studies in Business, Finance, or an equivalent program. For those interested in applying for the 2022 scholarship, please make sure to follow 2M7 on Facebook for further announcements.