5 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

Most people will never know what it is like to have true financial independence. However, you don’t have to be one of them. By taking the right step today, you can build wealth that can allow you to have the passive income that you need to achieve financial independence. Here are five steps that you can take today.

1) Create a plan 

The first thing that you need to do is have a plan. Figure out how much of an income you would like to have after you officially retired. The rule of thumb is that you should save up to 25 times your annual desired passive income. For instance, if you would like to get $50,000 annually in passive income, then you would have to build up to $1,250,000 in your savings by the time you are planning to retire.

2) Save and invest

To start building the wealth that you need for financial independence; you will need to save and invest. Don’t worry if you don’t currently have a high income. You can have time to work on your side. Through the magic of compound investing, you can build some incredible wealth by investing in stable, dividend-paying stocks. Aim to save at least 10% of your income each month to achieve your financial independence goals.

3) Live below your means 

As you get older, you will likely increase your income. This can lead to “lifestyle creep” which can cause you to spend more. It is important to continue to live below your means so you can save and invest. The higher rate of your savings, the faster you can achieve financial independence.

4) Have an emergency fund

One unforeseen medical or life emergency can derail your financial independence plans. Therefore, you will want to have money set aside in case the unexpected happens. Some situations that may require emergency cash include a setback in your business, medical emergencies, or a natural disaster.

5) Study the economy 

The economy plays a big role in how your business operates, the purchasing power of your money, and your income. Be sure to study the stock market, the economy, interest rates, and other factors that can play a role in your business and investing life. A great way to stay on top of the economy is to read top economic books and to read up on the latest economic articles on sites such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal.

Keep your business on track and achieve your financial goals 

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