2M7 Featured as a Leading Merchant Cash Advance Provider in the 2022 Canada FinTech Lending Study

2M7 Financial Solutions is honoured to be featured as a leading merchant cash advance provider in the 2022 Canada FinTech Lending Study, organized by Smarter Loans, which offers insights into the state of the industry and emerging trends. According to the study, the primary concerns for borrowers were interest rates and loan terms, with 40% ranking these as their top priorities. This indicates that financing needs are rapidly evolving – which is particularly true for Canadian businesses.

However, a shift in the financial landscape has created unique challenges for small and medium businesses in getting approved for loans, and the digital credit score algorithms used by traditional lending sources such as banks have made it increasingly more difficult to secure small business financing. Therefore, 2M7 has been stepping up to support Canadian businesses with a lending alternative – providing faster and easier access to the working capital they need, and offering flexible repayment terms to help maintain a positive cashflow during these challenging times.

“We are directly supporting the economic recovery and are working tirelessly to help Canadian companies prosper during these times,” said Avi Bernstein, CEO of 2M7 Financial Solutions. “Right now, more than ever, small and medium businesses need more accessible funding options to grow their businesses, and 2M7 is eager to be a part of the journey alongside them. We love to see our clients succeed and are committed to supporting their growth, just as any good partner should.”

With a 97% approval rate, 2M7 Financial Solutions is delivering on its mission to fund every Canadian business that needs financing. Using a proprietary algorithm to evaluate risk and determine credit worthiness, 2M7 is able to fund businesses that might not otherwise qualify for a traditional loan. Furthermore, the innovative assessment process gets businesses approved faster, with funds deposited directly into their bank accounts within 24-48 hours – delivering a solution to the simplified application process and rapid access to funds that were rated among the priorities for borrowers in the 2022 FinTech study.


About 2M7 Financial Solutions

2M7 strives to provide a unique financing solution that is in line with the demands of today’s emerging industry trends in order to create a seamless funding and repayment experience. As the industry continues to evolve, 2M7 remains at the forefront of the innovative technologies and processes that are transforming the Canadian financial industry, providing solutions that better meet the needs of Canadian businesses.