2M7 Announces 2022 “Forward Thinkers” Scholarship Recipient

2M7 Financial Solutions is proud to announce the recipient of the 2022 “Forward Thinkers” scholarship – the annual scholarship that recognizes distinguished and entrepreneurial students who encompass 2M7’s values and demonstrate a genuine desire to make progressive strides that help drive their desired industries forward.

“We’re pleased to award this year’s Forward Thinkers scholarship to Beiya Xie, a Business student majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, who challenges the status quo and thinks outside the box to find innovative solutions to improve her family’s small business,” said Avi Bernstein, CEO of 2M7 Financial Solutions. “Since its inception, 2M7 has been driven to support forward-thinking small businesses in their journey, and Beiya demonstrates a level of dedication and innovation that is at the core of our business values.”

As a proudly Canadian owned company, 2M7 strives to stay at the forefront of its industry and offer an alternative lending solution that better fits the needs of small businesses in Canada – giving them quick access to the funding they need to expand and accelerate their growth in order to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

“Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and 2M7 has an unwavering commitment to helping them grow. Just as with our small business clients, we believe it’s important to give students the opportunity to excel in their fields,” said Avi Bernstein. “Beiya demonstrates a deep passion for improving the products her family business offers, a vision for expanding the services they provide, and a dedication to customer service excellence that 2M7 is proud to support.”

Founded in 2008, 2M7 Financial Solutions has grown into one of Canada’s largest merchant cash advance providers – providing over $250 million in small business funding to date. With extensive expertise in Canada’s lending landscape, and a deep understanding of the challenges that small businesses face in getting approved for loans, 2M7 helps business owners get the financing they need.

About the “forward thinkers scholarship” by 2M7

The ”Forward Thinkers” scholarship is an annual scholarship program, established by 2M7 Financial Solutions to recognize outstanding students who are pursuing or entering full-time studies in Business, Finance, or an equivalent program. The scholarship is awarded to students that encompass 2M7’s core values and demonstrate a genuine desire to make innovative stride that drive their industries forward. For those interested in applying for the 2023 scholarship, please follow 2M7 on Facebook for updates on next year’s scholarship.